Лектори SDM 2019

Д-р Ейджи Фуруичи

1992 Graduated from Osaka Dental University .Osaka ,Japan. 1998 founded private office in Kobe , Hyogo prefecture Japan.  Furuichi Dental Clinic : http://www.hanachan-chiichan.jp/ 2005 obtained Ph.D in prosthodontics from Osaka Dental University 2014 "Carnevale & Furuichi Perio...

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Д-р Ейтан Мижиритски

Dr. Eitan Mijiritsky is a graduate of the Tel-aviv University School (1990) of Dental Medicine where he also completed his Postgraduate studies and Specialty with Diploma in Prosthodontics (1996). Dr. Mijiritsky served as As.Prof. and Researcher at the Oral Reh...

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Д-р Инес Барбоса

Inês Barbosa DDS Received her degree in Dentistry from Universidade Fernando Pessoa, Porto, Portugal, in 2007.In 2008 concluded the course of Endodontics for Generalists, with Professor Rui Pereira da Costa in CUF Descobertas, Lisboa, Portugal. Received her Diplo...

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Д-р Йошихиро Кида

2000 Graduated from Showa University school of Dentistry 2004 obtained Ph.D degree in Periodontology from Showa University graduate school of Dentistry Worked for private practice, and learned and earned comprehensive treatment experiences in the areas of periodontics, implants and aesthetic p...

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Д-р Лара Стангачилович

Dr. Lara Stangacilovic graduated Dentistry at Bucharest’s „Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy in 2000. In 2001 she started training as an Orthodontist at the up-mentioned institution and in 2012 she graduated New York University’s „Clinical Aesthet...

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Д-р Мишел Алтерман

Dr. Michael Alterman received his dental degree from the Hebrew University in 2007. He completed his training as an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center and was board-certified in 2014. Dr. Alterman currently serves as the director of the Outpatient Clinic at the Ha...

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